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CSI will streamline services design, procurement, installation, commissioning and certification through practical and positive solutions to achieve or exceed your client’s expectations.

We can support your on site project team and coordinate with clients, design team and sub-contractors to meet their needs.

Having a truly independent team to review your building from design through to construction and operation presents an opportunity to reduce defects, minimise costs and maintain programme.

CSI also specialises in building services commissioning management where we can assist in commissioning testing and fine tuning. CSI can create a commissioning plan and manage the commissioning process such that all contractors are on the same page. Furthermore, we can review on going system operation and as built documentation to comply with Green Star requirements.

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We have a strong commitment to meet and satisfy all clients’ specific requirements by providing turnkey solutions through innovation and implementation. CSI can independently provide a holistic approach in building services management that starts from initial concept design all the way through to construction, commissioning, handover and post completion. We are always focused on providing realistic and practical help on a project to give you the best outcome possible. We understand construction projects and sites and what is required to get a project over the line.

Concept and feasibility


This phase is for developing the project’s vision & mission and articulating the reasons for the project. Working through solutions and options to achieve the project’s vision and assessing their appropriateness and feasibility.



The design establishes the project’s deliverables and fundamental parameters that need to be met during the implementation of the project.



This is the most intense and costly phase of a project. Coordinated design & construction methodologies are utilised to bring the concept & design into life.



The commissioning phase is the most important of all and needs to have the appropriate effort and resources to ensure a safe, complaint and efficient project has been delivered. Often this phase is not given the attention it deserves.

Project completion


The proper completion of a project requires accurate and timely production of certification, operation and maintenance manuals and as built documentation.

Post completion


Projects need to be monitored, checked, and fine-tuned in the initial 12 months of the operation. Systems need to be in place to allow these reviews and adjustments to be carried out satisfactorily, ensuring the project is operating efficiently with the health and well-being of the end users being paramount

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