Post Completion

Projects need to be monitored, checked and fine-tuned in the initial 12 months of the operation. Systems need to be in place to allow these reviews and adjustments to be carried out satisfactorily, ensuring the project is operating efficiently with the health and well-being of the end users being paramount.

Re-certification ensures contractors meet their obligations. Longer term strategies for operating and maintaining the project post completion should be established during the initial 12 months.

CSI Group concept and feasibility

Our post completion expertise

CSI can support your project with the following post completion activities:

  • Defect inspection and rectification
  • Assist end user (usually facilities manager) with any Building Services related queries during defect liability period (DLP) 
  • Participate in the fine tuning of Building Services systems  
  • Carry out a project review upon completion of DLP 


Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility

Process flow

We can help you find any issues after your project is completed








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