The design establishes the project’s deliverables and fundamental parameters that need to be met during the implementation of the project. The design uses the outcomes of the concept & feasibility phase to crystalise the key stakeholders vision, providing several design options that are rationalised to the final agreed scheme.

This sets the expectations of all stakeholders and provides clear direction for the constructors to both tender and create the project. Of critical importance is the need for the designers to incorporate into the design the ability to commission the services properly.

CSI Group concept and feasibility

Our design expertise

CSI can support your project with the following design activities:

  • Development of return briefs in line with client requirements
  • Determine which Building Services procurement model to be used for the Project (D&C, ECI, Full Design etc) 
  • Preparation of the Building Services design package to suit procurement model 
  • Design documentation review 
  • Drafting services 
  • Liaising with service providers and authorities
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility

Process flow

We can make sure your design process is straightforward


Determination of client requirements


Design development


Final coordination with the project team


Completion of design documentation

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