Construction Concept and Feasibility

This phase is for developing the project’s vision & mission and articulating the reasons for the project. Working through solutions and options to achieve the project’s vision and assessing their appropriateness and feasibility.

This phase provides a baseline to allow the project team (including the client) to refer to during the project, ensuring the “dream” is kept alive or any changes are made with the original vision in mind.

CSI Group concept and feasibility

Our construction concept and feasibility expertise

CSI can support your project with the following construction concept and feasibility activities:

  • Review of historical information in relation to project 
  • Impact assessment of the current regulatory requirements on the existing Building Services systems, together with indicative impact costs 
  • Building Services plant and equipment spatials for the Concept Design Phase 
  • Preliminary Green Star assessment 
  • Investigation into any relevant Authority approval requirements 
  • Preparation of the Concept Design documentation 
  • Preliminary project investigation 
  • Preparation of the Building Services impact costs for the project 
  • Preliminary ESD analysis 
  • Preparation of any Consultant engagement documents (as required). 
  • Identification of any Building Services related issues 
  • Authority related engineering advice for the Development Application (DA) submission and approval 
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility

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