The commissioning phase is the most important of all and needs to have the appropriate effort and resources to ensure a safe, complaint and efficient project has been delivered. Often this phase is not given the attention it deserves. Building commissioning is a systematic process to make sure that building systems are designed, constructed and operational to ensure top performance.

The quality of the project is reliant on the successful commissioning of the services that form part of it. Workmanship, design & installation methods will all be tested and verified through a comprehensive commissioning program.

Systems interface testing and witnessing by authorities (Fire Brigade, PCA, ICA, local council, Fire Engineer etc) provide comfort that the project will be ready for occupation upon completion.

Building commissioning

Our expert commissioning team

CSI can support your project with the following commissioning activities:

  • Establish and monitor testing & commissioning programme 
  • Manage Testing and Commissioning activities 
  • Attend witness testing and review test results against design 
  • Obtain system certification 
  • Management of defects and outstanding works 
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility
Concept and feasibility

Process flow

We ensure your systems and equipment are reaching their full capacity


Evaluate systems and processes


Establish maintenance programs


Obtain certifications


Manage defects

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